Original Friday In Theaters 4/20

Perfect timing or what?!…if you’re already planning your activity list and turn up* (or turn down*) for the infamous April 20th celebrated round the world then consider this: The Original Friday Movie Returns to Theaters on 4/20!!!

There’s been so many deviations from the one that started it all, but hold on! “we’re going home” y’all. The Original Friday Movie Returns to Theaters on 4/20 in a special release by a few people who must really think we could use a lift (*prayer hand emoji*). And hear this ladies and gentlemen:

The Original Friday Movie Returns to Theaters on 4/20 for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! That’s right…so plan accordingly because you already know a lot of your plans are going out the window anyway! It’s been about 20 years since Ice Cube and Chris Tucker ’embarked on a journey’ to come up with $200 to pay a local dealer on their own fateful April 20th. Buzzfeed and Complex report th movie will be playing in theaters across the country at 7:30PM. You can check out the list of participating theaters here.

Even though Chris spoke on it last year, we also got on update on the whereabouts of the next-next-next Friday. when asked about another sequel Complex reports Ice Cube telling syndicated radio host Big Boy that it might not ever happen, which purists are ecstatic about though the thought is definitely tempting:

“It’s not really us. It’s New Line, it’s financing, and they goin corporate on me. We still want to work together, so, ya never know,” he said.

Looks like we’ll have to stay tuned! With all the stories shading or capitalizing on the magic leaf and the growing legal marijuana industry it’s nice to just have a “feel good” story, you know? (Double entendre not intended). The Original Friday Movie Returns to Theaters on 4/20 and THAT is how you Flashback Friday! You fitting to do this???

Check the vid and the gallery up top for more!

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