I knew this was coming, it was obvious the way people affiliated with the front office in OKC would always manage to side step the question about when would Kevin Durant return from his foot problem. Today they finally decided to be honest and admit they are shutting him down for the season. According to them, KD has not responded the way they anticipated to treatment on his foot and the soreness is proving to be too much of an issue.


Durant underwent surgery Feb. 23 to attempt to alleviate soreness and discomfort in his foot that was being caused by a screw inserted in October during a procedure to repair a Jones fracture. Following the second procedure, Durant was re-evaluated after a week, then re-evaluated again after another week, at which point Brooks updated the player’s timetable to a “week or two.”

I think the media is taking it easy on the OKC coaching staff and GM. It is very obvious they had no intention of playing him again. Every time someone was asked when could Durant return, it was always “in about a week”, or “one-two weeks”. This decision all but destroys title hopes this season, and at this point making the playoffs may not even be worth their time because although Russell Westbrook is playing out of his mind, they have no chance with just him against the Warriors. Remember Serge Ibaka is expected to be out 4-6 weeks after having surgery himself this week.

When asked if Durant was being shut down for the season Presti said, “Essentially, that’s the direction we’re headed right now.” “Unless he’s able to be back on the floor without soreness he won’t be back on the floor,” Presti said.

The one good thing if you are an OKC fan is next season with a fully healthy squad, the Thunder should be the hands down favorite to win the NBA title.