Well I am sure there were many players who wanted to take a swing at Michael Jordan during his playing days, it sounds like one guy would still want to throw down if given the chance. Jordan and the Bulls won six titles, split into two different three-peats thanks to his retirement and time playing baseball. While he was gone the Houston Rockets dominated the league and won two titles in a row. A player from that team is tired of hearing they would have never won if MJ didn’t leave and says he really wanted to fight.


Rockets guard Vernon Maxwell had plenty of battles with MJ during games, but he wanted to take it to more of a physical level.

“I wanted to fight him, really,” said Vernon Maxwell. […] “I tell everybody ‘Google it,’ ” Maxwell said. “Michael Jordan goes around telling everybody we never would have won the two championships if he wouldn’t have went and tried to play baseball. I say just Google the times we played them. They couldn’t beat us. It was like we couldn’t beat Seattle. If we could have gotten past Seattle, we would have knocked Chicago off. We were a team they couldn’t match up with. I hear what he’s saying. I hear what everybody is saying. But I just don’t believe it. Just Google it and the numbers don’t lie.”

Skip to about the 6 minute mark of the video for when he starts talking about Jordan.