Drake and Sotheby's for Spring Art Exhibit

Remember when Drizzy-Drake once tried to shade the Roc-A-Fella Renoir Jay-Z for rhyming about his knowledge and appreciation of visual art?…Well (though he was promptly checked) he seems to finally see the light (or maybe just a great opportunity): check the details for Drake Partnering With Sotheby’s For Art Exhibit This Spring!

So once upon a YOLO it was: “I would love to collect [art] at some point, but I think the whole rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny.” And, well, now the story goes–they wanted him! Drake Partnering With Sotheby’s For Art Exhibit This Spring as the art auction powerhouse reached out to strike the deal which is currently confirmed but still in talks. Vibe and The New York Times report:

“Drake will partner with Sotheby’s, a New York City art auctioneer company, to curate a soundtrack with the works of black American artists from April 28 to June 12…Sotheby’s’ goal is to have one of the “foremost cultural tastemakers” (you know, Drake) to boost its private sales. Now this we can’t wait to see.

…mhmm, OK! For those of you shrugging this off as an opportune change of heart, or just a realization–you’re right. Drake Partnering With Sotheby’s For Art Exhibit This Spring comes a while after his cut-up for Jay-Z’s whole movement toward ‘the fine arts.’ Looks like a combination of maturity and recognizing when to go with a great* flow. He may be facing a lawsuit over the failing Drizzy documentary but looks like his pockets might not hurt after all. He’s also got the 6ixth annual OVO fest coming up with big names like J. Cole and Big Sean being a part!

Drake Partnering With Sotheby’s For Art Exhibit This Spring actually joins a host of Hip Hop stars who’ve crossed into the art world. While Chris Brown is actually making, creating, donating and selling his own art, Wale hosted “The Exhibit About Nothing” late last year and Swizz Beatz has hosted and donated to some dope art projects as well, also diving head first into the creation of a visual art platform. Good looks Hip Hop!!!

Check the vid to relive “Picasso Baby” and check the gallery up top for more!

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