Four Cops Fired Over Racist Text Messages. Three police officers from Florida have been fired and one resigned after exchanging racially offensive text messages that also portrayed President Obama in a negative light. Some of these racist text messages included using offensive material from the movie ‘Django Unchained’ while at work, talking about getting drunk and killing n*****s and also referring to co-workers in an entire shift as “lazy f*ckers”.

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Let’s be honest here, are you really surprised about this? Because I’m not. Racism is still alive in America and most of them are cops. The same cops that kill Black people and get away with it in court by pleading self-defense and these racist cops that call black people n*****s amongst themselves. These are the people that are supposed to protect us but yet they are the same ones that are out to kill us. Someone should start up a petition to have every single police department in the country investigated on racism and I can certainly bet the numbers will be very high. The only thing being done about this so far is that they are giving new officers a mandatory course in diversity which we all know won’t do much. People are good at faking and can certainly pass a diversity class and not learn anything. Let me know in the comments what you guys think needs to be done to eradicate this issue of racism amongst cops.