Looks like the Marvin Gaye Estate is currently out for blood. After winning a $7.3M lawsuit against Pharrell and Robin Thicke, the family is now coming for T.I. amidst all the legal drama. However, if the family thinks that T.I. will be sitting idly by allowing himself to be steam rolled, they are sadly mistaken as T.I. remains as an artist he doesn’t steal from anyone! See what Troubleman had to say inside.

T.I. claims he didn’t steal from anyone in Marvin Gaye lawsuit! While Marvin Gaye’s family seems to be going full steam ahead, T.I. is saying he doesn’t have any parts in the legal debacle going on between Marvin Gaye’e Estate and the drama taking place between Pharrell and Robin Thicke. According to T.I., he’s an artist who’s sensitive about his ish, and doesn’t go around stealing from others and their creativity. Watch him speak on legal drama below.

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