Lil Wayne

SMH ! Lil Wayne was performing in Fort Lauderdale recently and the show didn’t exactly go his way to say the least. Hop into the post for all the details and the video of the Lil Wayne incident ! #IFWT !!!

So Last night (March 22nd) in Fort Lauderdale Florida Lil Wayne had a show and it was packed ! But Just like a lot of recent Lil Wayne Shows this didn’t exactly go his way. In The Middle of the performance apparently a “White Boy” Threw a Beer Bottle at his head .

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Fortunately the bottle didn’t actually hit Lil Wayne , but Tunchie still was TIGHT !!! As he started spazzing on the little “white Boy” on stage.

Hmmm.. Lil Wayne pissed off on stage huh ? doesn’t that kind of remind you of this incident here ?

Lil Wayne Throws a Microphone at the DJ during his set for playing the wrong song

Click to check it out !

Anyway, In the video of Lil Wayne getting a beer bottle thrown at him , you can see someone handling the situation pretty well. Caught on tape , someone who according to the crowd was super annoying during the show (supposedly the same guy who threw the beer bottle at Lil Wayne) was attacked by what looks like security .

Lesson Learned : Don’t throw drinks at Lil Wayne !

Did You see Killer Mike get attacked on stage ? Click Here To watch

Killer Mikes security also knocked out the person who rushed the stage and its caught on tape. Who knocked out the annoying crowd member harder ? Killer Mikes security or Lil Wayne’s security ?

Now after you watch who would win in a fight ?


A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on