Young Thug
This is becoming rather nasty if you ask me, the court situation, Rich Gang falling apart… yet not, YM freestyle diss, Thugger claiming ‘Carter 6’ Title when the whole reason this beef is happening because “Carter 5” has yet to be released, Wayne’s Daughter getting involved, now this…. it’s just nasty.

Tat Wza

This is really going to come down to either an epic battle of words, or sometime of street incident, I really hope it’s just the words. Here’s the video of Young Thug trying to rile up Tunechi, notice that Thugger is sipping on that lean, maybe that’s why he ‘thinks’ Carter 6 would be a good idea;

A video posted by Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1) on

Leave a comment to let us know how you feel about the situation!! Also If you know what Young Thug is actually saying, I think you should sign up for federal code cracking!!