The story heard around the ‘net this weekend was Suge Knight’s courtroom faint. After hearing his ‘legally blind‘ defense, I was not sure that it could get worse, but I was wrong. Suge’s bail was set at $25 million, he passed out [BRUH] and now, this. The hip hop bully and his attorney has used Empire as an argument to reduce the bail.

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Apparently, the reason for Knight’s excessive bail is because of the hit television show, Empire. Defense attorney, Matthew Fletcher is accusing the prosecution on watching too much of it. “He’s entitled to a reasonable bail that’s not excessive,” Fletcher fights. “It’s like she watches Empire, and says he’s an un-repentant and shameless criminal. Prosecute him.” But wait, is he talking about Cookie, or nah? We have to do better in the courtroom.

I want to know, why has Empire become everyone’s scapegoat? I heard of mo’ money mo’ problems, but damn, the show was not even mid-seasn before celebrities claimed that the show mimicked their show or that the plot was taken from their lives. Get a grip folks.

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Suge did get a glimmer of good news. Alive victim, Cle “Bone” Sloan says that he did assault Suge during the hit-and-run incident.