Everyone tuning in to Love And Hip Hop was expecting to catch the latest on the business/relationship/status/fall out of the Jhonni and Rich saga…and now *swerve* yet again! Going IINNN for all of social to see, Jhonni Blaze Exposes Rich Dollaz On Instagram!

It’s definitely been heating up, that’s the least one could say! Now Jhonni Blaze Exposes Rich Dollaz On Instagram on top of everything. Guess after a woman loses someone she loves, goes through the motions to open back up and at the end of it has to belt out an “I gave you all of me!” to the man’s face–it’s not fitting to be all good any time soon…

Previous to Jhonni Blaze Exposes Rich Dollaz On Instagram, big homie Rich (see what we did there) was tangled in the webs of their ongoing business/pleasure drama and apparently fed up with alleged “shenanigans” by Jhonni online. Looks like she’s giving him one more for the road, in a huge way (SMH). The IG expose is a full on statement via screenshot and outs Rich Dollaz getting pressed about yet another relationship outside of Moniece (also thrown under the shade bus in the screenshot). The results, well…(SMH), let’s just say Jhonni hit the “Bomb First” button with her meme and caption game to start, coming at all necks with #nofilter:

“My face when a b*tch think she got my ex . …. Remember i can sit on his face any time…. Pipe down . .. I “slaughter” b*tches for fun #dollazunlimited don’t ever think you can come for me I have no boss I AM THE F*CKING BOSS”

“Let me be ignorant tonight”

…yea. It went ALLLLLLLL the way in–but unfortunately (or true to form?) Rich only dug himself deeper in the convo–revealing more about himself and his “raw-dogging” ways (NEVER a good look!!!). Jhonni Blaze Exposes Rich Dollaz On Instagram after screaming “take responsibility, I didn’t do sh*t but love you!” in the VH1 sneak peek of tonight’s episode. Welp…yikes! It’s not looking good out here fam…stay tuned! You definitely* want to check the gallery up top!!!!

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