Things turned sour at the funeral of the man killed in the drive-by shooting where NFL player Chris Johnson was also shot.  Johnson was of course in attendance at his friend’s funeral but was asked to leave the ceremony.  The victim’s mother stopped him however and demanded that he come back inside.

Shay Marie

According to TMZ Sports, Johnson arrived late to the ceremony for Dreekius “Rollie” Johnson on Saturday but once inside, he was confronted by an angry family member who feels CJ is partly to blame for Rollie’s death.

And why? It reportedly all stems from CJ’s friendship with a man named Kenny Turner — who was hanging out with Chris and Rollie the night of the shooting.

Turner is a convicted criminal who spent five years in prison for aggravated battery stemming from a 2002 shooting incident. He’s currently back behind bars for violating his probation.

CJ’s close friends have felt that Kenny was a bad egg — and wanted Chris to cut him out of his life for years before something terrible happened.

Now several family members and friends believe CJ’s relationship with Kenny was a factor in the shooting — which led to the confrontation at the funeral.

Chris began to leave the ceremony because he didn’t want to be a distraction and was halfway to his car — when the victim’s mother approached him and demanded he come back inside.

She reportedly doesn’t blame Chris — and told the running back in front of a group of people that she firmly believed the situation was out of his hands.

Chris never talked back to anyone — he was completely respectful — and ultimately obeyed Rollie’s mother’s wishes. One source says, “He just seemed sad.”