#TweetLikeDameDash. Okay, that Iggy Azalea thing was a riot, but we are going to file this one under ‘funny as hell’. There is a gut-busting hashtag takeover happening on Instagram with Harlem BOSS, Dame Dash as its focus.

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JaaiR (JR)
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Last week, Dame Dash participated in an interview where he suggested that real men don’t have bosses, they are their own boss and they provide jobs for their sons; not other men. The criticism has been at an all-time high for his beliefs, and now, like every other controversial discussion, it’s becoming an Internet game.

#TweetLikeDameDash is funny to the point where Dame himself had to get involved. “That #tweetlikedamedash is some funny shit I’m crying off some of this stuff,” he says on the ‘Gram.

Example: Real men don’t fart! How u gonna let gas escape your butt?!? Not in Harlem B! We clinch until we pass out!


Example: I mean to me…It makes NO SENSE that you wear clothes B! I cannot understand that thinking. Another man’s name or brand all on you. Pause, In Harlem make it or go naked! #TweetLikeDameDash

I’m super weak. HA-LA-RI-US!

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