Aaliyah Vocals on Upcoming T-Pain Mixtape?

So what we know so far besides the couple of singles released is the forever #winning The-Dream has collaborated for The Iron Way project due out later this week. And while the multi-talented producer and auto-tune innovator in T-Pain has kept most of the details under wraps, he revealed a serious insider tip at SXSW. Looks like the Upcoming T-Pain Mixtape Will Feature Unreleased Aaliyah Vocals!!!

Though we’ve heard “Did It Anyway,” “Wait A Minute,” and “Let Your Hair Down” which features The-Dream, the buzz going around is a lot of surprises are waiting for us with this project. Now we’re definitely getting somewhere knowing the Upcoming T-Pain Mixtape Will Feature Unreleased Aaliyah Vocals. Vibe reports on their SXSW interview with him that a previously “unheard” feature by the original “Baby Girl” will make it to our ears.

The Upcoming T-Pain Mixtape Will Feature Unreleased Aaliyah Vocals following what he says were two songs he did for her posthumous album a couple of years back. Her vocals found their way to his possession for that project and obviously he held on. But relax y’all!!!–he’s reported to have been officially allowed to keep them for his personal use, and so here we are:

“I think on this mixtape I really just enjoyed doing it so much,” T-Pain tells VIBE. “I made all brand new songs. I didn’t put a bunch of throwaways on there and make a mixtape.” The upcoming project features guest appearances from the likes of Bun B, Big K.R.I.T., Big Cash from Nappy Boy, Shawn J from Field Mob and one very special feature. “I actually have Aaliyah on a song,” T-Pain reveals to VIBE. “These are vocals people never heard before. They were actually doing an Aaliyah album a few years ago. They told me do two songs and I could pick one to keep.” Pain says the song is titled “Girlfriends” and is a slower track, but definitely not a ballad.

Well alright, alright, alright!!! Does the sound of that the Upcoming T-Pain Mixtape Will Feature Unreleased Aaliyah Vocals excite you or weird you out??? Is hearing Aaliyah vocals always good or does it depend on the song? Guess we’ll stay tuned on this one!

Check the vid for the interview and the don’t forget the gallery up top!

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