Former NFL player Chad Johnson has been really generous lately.  He’s left hundreds of dollars at a time as a tip at various restaurants and now he made a Twitter follower’s birthday extra special.

Shay Marie

One of Johnson’s followers started a GoFundMe to make birthday plans.  TMZ Sports spoke to Heather Torregano — @DaRealNette on Twitter – and she said, “I work as a waitress and a bartender, plus I pay out of my pocket to go to school. I was just trying to have a good birthday, I haven’t had one in a long time.”

She said she was as surprised as anyone when she checked the account and saw a PHAT $1,000 donation from Johnson who she says has been following her on Twitter for a couple of years.

Torregano says, when she saw Johnson accounted for over half of her goal of $1,600 in one fell swoop, she was overcome with emotion.

“I cried, honestly. I was expecting people to give maybe like $20 or $50 … but a full $1,000? There is no way I could have expected that.”

He’s such an awesome person for that, I hope he continues his generosity; well as long as it doesn’t have him on the next 30 for 30: Broke.

Btw, Heather hit her goal of $1600 in one day from six people.

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