Um…weird ? or flattering ? Safaree Samuels Dedicate a Song To K Michelle’s Butt. There have been some ties between the two artist and K Michelle has denied any intimate relations with Safaree Samuels but it looks like Safaree is revealing his true intentions. Hop into the post to hear a clip of the song ! #IFWT

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Safaree Samuels wrote this song dedicated to K Michelle’s butt over the instrumental of her song “Going Under”.

Here are some of the lyrics to this Booty Dedication anthem from Safaree To K Michelle

“Going Under,” spitting, “Before I met you, I knew you had a feisty attitude. You gave me light so I have nothing but gratitude. I f**k with you, the long way, altitude. Yeah, your ass is on another level, magnitude. I’m not a surgeon or a doctor but I play the part. Please sign me up cause I’m really trying to buy a heart.”

He captioned the video

“I love ❤️❤️❤️ this song…. Hi @kmichellemusic”

I mean technically he didn’t say who the song is dedicated to but the way this caption is set up I believe its easy to assume (which Is what we were planning on doing anyway) that this is about K. Michelle .

Going to try and call yourselves “Just Friends ” now ?

Well a couple of instances in the past couple of months have proved otherwise. Just a month back Safaree Samuels Sent K. Michelle a Bouquet of Sunflowers, and K. Michelle was seen twerking in the club to Safaree’s newest song at the time.

So Lets say Safaree is in a relationship with K Michelle , do you think K Michelle is a Upgrade from Nicki ? Let us know !

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