_Co-pilot Who Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Flight Hid His Illness From Employers

Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot, who deliberately crashed the plane killing 149 people, allegedly did it because he recently broke up with his girlfriend and hid an illness from employers. Check out photos in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

Andreas Lubitz, 27, who is believed to have deliberately crash Flight 9525, suffered from a history of depression and was in a fragile emotional state after breaking up with his girlfriend. German newspaper Bild reported that Lubitz had a “serious relationship crisis with his girlfriend,” who has not been named yet and he was once engaged to. German prosecutor Ralf Herrenbrueck said Lubitz had a history of health issues which he hid from his employers and colleagues. Investigators began searching through his apartment to find torn-up doctor’s notes to excuse Lubitz for work on the day he crashed the Dusseldorf-bound plane into the French Alps and killed 149 people. Herrenbrueck did not mention what illness Lubitz had. Herrenbrueck also said that Investigators did not find a suicide note or evidence of political or religious motivations.

In 2009, Lubitz went thorough psychiatric treatment for 18 months for a “serious depressive episode” which was around the same time he took six months off from flight training. According to documents obtained by the paper, Lubitz was deemed “not suitable for flying” by the Phoenix, Ariz., flight school operated by Germanwings’ parent company.

Because of depression he had to take flying classes and get “special regular medical examinations” but he was not required to undergo psychological evaluation. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says, “…How can one imagine that a pilot in whom one has full confidence — they are heroes for many people…could precipitate the plane into the mountain, after closing the door to stop the pilot from entering the cabin?” Lubitz friends and neighbors said they were shocked by the allegations because he was a quiet, normal guy who loved to fly.

Check out the photos of Lubitz and the plane crash in the gallery!

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