Christina Milian x Lil Wayne

Although we are not stupid, we have not had any stone cold conformation that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are in a committed relationship with one another. However, it looks like the two are finally starting to claim each other in a public setting. Weezy and Christina Milian were spotted on set for her FOX pilot “The G Word” and the two were reportedly holding hands and acting lovey dovey in person. They took a group photo which had Christina, Lil Wayne, Deion Sanders and Don Rickles all together looking like a happy family. Milian posted the photo onto her Instagram account captioning the photo, “Look who made a cute cameo on my pilot for #TheGWord aka #Grandpa fun times! Life is all about trying new things. #blessed to share the fun! #tunechi #dionsanders #donrickles #tnt Safe to say you’ve never seen this group of men in one picture together @fox.”

Although it wasn’t a kissy photo, it’s still proof that the two are involved with one another. WHEN WILL WE SEE SOME SERIOUS PDA?! Sheesh.

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Source: TheYBF