_Mother Who Killed Her Children Made Daughter Put Bodies In A Freezer

Mitchelle Blair, 35, confessed to Detroit police that she killed two of her children and stored their bodies in a home freezer. Blair’s two living children, an 8-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl knew that their siblings had been killed and that the bodies were hidden in the freezer. Her daughter is saying that Blair made her put her dead sister’s body the freezer. Check out the photos and video as well and read more on the horrific story below!

The Detroit Free Press reported that court records show that one of Mitchelle Blair’s surviving children was forced to put her 13-year-old sister’s body into the deep freezer. The bodies of Stephen Berry, 9, and Stoni Blair, 13, were found after an eviction notice was served to Blair for not paying her rent. Her surviving children were also being beaten by their mother and had scars from being burned and whipped with an extension cord. Blair made her eldest daughter put Stoni’s body, which was in a plastic container, into the freezer in 2013 after the child was burned with a clothes iron and beaten with a curling iron. Authorities said Blair killed the young girl by strangling her with a T-shirt.

Blair tortured the 9-year-old by choking him with a belt, scalding him with hot water and putting a plastic bag over his head. He died on Aug. 30, 2012, and Blair wrapped his body and stuffed it in the deep freezer. Blair is being held on $1 million bail and has been charged with abuse. The murder charges are pending and autopsies will be done as soon as the bodies thaw. A juvenile court petition said that the state is trying to terminate the parental rights of the two fathers because “neither protected his children from an unfit home environment…”

Horrible! Check out the photos of Mitchelle Blair in the gallery and watch the disturbing video below!

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