2Chainz Gives Lebron A Special Shout Out At Hawks Game. During halftime at the Heat Vs Hawks game, the CEO for a week 2chainz gave Lebron James a special shout out for losing Vs the Nets which in turn made the Hawks the #1 seed heading into the playoffs. Check out the Instagram clip below.

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Now while it may be all smiles and praises for 2chainz, I don’t think Lebron and his crew really cares if the Hawks are the #1 seed. The Hawks have been sliding after the All-Star break while the Cavs have been surging. I give credit to the Hawks for their incredibly hot start this season but now that they’ve cooled off and are playing like an above average team again, I think they have to worry about getting out of the first round first. With a possible first round match up against the Celtics or Nets, two teams who has proven that they can beat top tier teams at any given night, the Hawks will have their hands full in the first round. So 2chainz, I hope you enjoyed lowkey dissing Lebron because let’s be honest here, Lebron will get the last laugh. TRUUUUU (2chainz Voice)