When divorcing a star goes wrong – for the star. Cookie Lyon is not the only ex digging in the jar owed finances. Terrence Howard’s real-life ex-wife, Michelle Howard wants her cut of that “Empire” check as well.

Michelle, who already gets $5,800 is spousal support, is looking to gain about $65,000 more – thanks to the FOX hit television show. When they split, the two Howards agreed that Michelle would get 21% of ANYTHING that Terrence made over $62,500 during the first three months of 2015. Hmm, let’s just say at $125,000 an episode with three episodes filmed this year, Michelle is looking for her slice of the empire pie. But … let’s not forget Terrence has another show hitting FOX – “Wayward Pines“. Bet she can’t wait to sink her claws into that one.

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The Howards are not the only couple who are dealing with a messy divorce, and battling over the green. Also a cast member on “Empire” is Tasha Smith (sister to Cookie), who is divorcing her husband, Keith Douglas, of three years. With abuse allegations flying from both sides, Tasha wants to end it completely, but in her position that doesn’t come without a price. Her spousal support total is $7,000 a month. Umm … don’t let them get too accustomed, divorcing your spouse is likely to lower the lifestyle bar for you and raise it for them.

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