IFWT_The Rock Ronda Rousey

“Any ring I step into is mine,” said Ronda Rousey followed by the roaring cheer of the crowd.  The UFC champion has been challenged by women from almost every sport but on Sunday night she took on wrestling’s elite on their biggest stage.

Shay Marie

Wrestlemania 31 will go down as one of the best in history as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared to the delight of the crowd.  With the viewers already on his side, The Rock garnered even more support when he invited Rousey into the ring and the duo challenged Triple H and WWE chief brand officer/part owner Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie of course didn’t back down and demanded Rousey get out of her ring.  Rousey demanded that McMahon make her leave.  The Rock got in on the trash talk and the fight commenced.

Luckily for McMahon, Rousey didn’t break her arm with her legendary arm bar but she still got the best of the WWE royalty before helping The Rock take out Triple H.

As McMahon conceded earlier, Rousey is “the most dangerous unarmed woman on the planet”.

The Rock stated it was the biggest moment in Wrestlemania 31.  I’m sure many other people would agree with him.

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