Michael Jackson Lean: Secret Shoes?

The original King of Pop is known for his signature moves on stage and leaving “Blood On The Dancefloor,” but also for being an innovator in all things performance tech. For years people wondered about the iconic move first seen in the “Smooth Criminal” video, but the science has been exposed. The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes???

When you talk about raising the bar in music no name is near the success and vision of the Invincible moon-walker. To this day artists are still “borrowing,” “being inspired by,” “paying homage” or straight up swag-jacking everything from his song styles, vocals, video concepts, tour costumes, stage set-ups, and special effects. One thing people haven’t really touched, is that lean–first seen in the 1987 video and then taken on the road for Jackson’s tours. But it took more than a few tricks to take it from the set to worldwide stages, and now Complex, Mashable, and Google Patents report The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes?

The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes and the original anti-gravity situation was made with wires and effects, until he teamed up with some scientists to make a portable situation possible (the vision!). They made it so pegs would come through the stage at predetermined times for them to strategically attach themselves, allowing Jackson and his dancers to hook in and shift their weight/balance to deliver the sway. It was all good and they even got a patent in 1993 (#boss)…until one day the shoe gave from under him!

“The patent was awarded in 1993 and MJ took them on tour almost immediately. But during a 1996 show in Moscow, the system malfunctioned causing Jackson’s heel to come loose and nearly injuring the superstar. The team went back to the drawing board, redrafting the original patent in hopes of creating a safer alternative.”

…yikes! Luckily the super-nova star was OK and The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes was still intact. Since then the patent expired, but the shoes went on auction in 2009 for a reported $600,000!!! Raise some lean* to that! Michael Jackson–still ahead of his time even after death. [RIP]

Check the vids for more and the gallery up top for the original blueprints!

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