Wale on Drugs, Depression, Industry Respect

Everyone has their demons but not everyone’s willing to open up about them. Wale On Drugs and Depression Leading Up To New Album reveals “I’ve been through sh*t” and talks not being respected by the game. #Valid?

Wale On Drugs and Depression Leading Up To New Album and this Washington, D.C. native has had a lot on his mind. As we’re about one day away from the release of “The Album About Nothing,” the MMG rap star has been making the rounds with everything from Jerry Seinfeld, to new videos, vlogs, reuniting with Meek Mill and collabos with Usher and Kanye West. He recently sat with Billboard to talk about some things not as known to the public–including his drug and alcohol use, a miscarriage that’s been heavy on his mind, and feeling like he’s not respected as an artist.

Wale On Drugs and Depression Leading Up To New Album and even though he makes major moves has felt the pressure (or lack there of) of not being highlighted in the spotlight of the music industry. He says the new album is partly a response to his lack of acclaim (clever) and talks mostly about his experience to date:

“The music industry. You can say I’m sensitive, but music is why I live. Other people have kids or a strong woman in their lives; all I have is my music. I constantly work my ass off and I’m not in these magazines — all I can go by is the people and what they say. People ask, “Why do you check social-media comments?” But what else do I have, bro? I don’t get no major articles. Nobody talks about Wale like that. So what do you do when you’re busting your ass and taking pills to stay up and be able to provide the right energy, and you’re not seeing the proper response?”

As far as specifics about Wale On Drugs and Depression Leading Up To New Album, he paints a picture but doesn’t go too deep. Apparently leaving the most explicit details for the listener. Though in some cases–like Janet Jackson not clearing the sample for “Girls On Drugs” (see the gallery up top!)–may halt some of what we get to listen to:

“My confidence was shot, so I’d be taking whatever to keep me in a good mood, to get me in the right mood for an interview. I’m not going into the details as to what I was taking, but there’s definitely something for that. Just like there’s a fuckin’ app for everything, there’s a damn pill for everything. Or something you can pour in your glass. I was depressed not being where I wanna be in my career when I’ve put the work in. I wasn’t sleeping. I was drinking all day and I didn’t have anyone to go to. I couldn’t fight it. Those are some of the demons I talk about on the album.”

…wow, you never really know what a person is going through. Does Wale need to let go of what people think or is it deeper than that? Do you think most fans, critics and the culture sleep on Wale even though he’s always putting points on the board??? Other artists like Kendrick Lamar have been known to open up about depression though he is more “unapologetic” an artist. Does Wale On Drugs and Depression Leading Up To New Album make him more authentic to vibe to–like his take on Instagram “models”–or were you more likely to vibe not knowing?

Check out the full interview here. Check the vid below and the gallery up top!

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