Bruce Jenner

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this whole Bruce Jenner sex change ordeal has really left me speechless. Although we may not be able to picture Bruce as a full-blown woman, it seems that we will be seeing the results faster than expected. According to Radar Online, Bruce has already gotten breast implants along with a long list of other female-related procedures to finally become a chick. “Bruce had silicone breast implants put in a few weeks ago,” an inside source revealed. “He went with a smaller implant because he didn’t want to look ridiculous. He’s not allowed to lift anything, and he has to wear a bra 24/7, but he’s expected to resume normal activities in the next six weeks.”

In the past few months, Bruce has gotten his Adam’s Apple shaved down along with a nose job to make his facial features appear more girly. The full gender reassignment surgery is apparently going down in either May or June and sources explain that Bruce is “thrilled” to finally have the body that he’s been dreaming of all these years. He might even get a second boob job to upgrade to a larger cup size. After his surgery is complete, Bruce wants to make his debut as a woman on Dancing With The Stars. His two sons, Brody and Brandon, have been taking care of their father in his Malibu mansion. He’s apparently extremely emotional but is happy that he will finally feel comfortable in his own skin in the months to come.

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Source: RadarOnline