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Rapper Kevin Gates is king of controversy and this stunt just further proves his title. During a show he was doing at Z Club in Flint, Michigan on Sunday night, the rapper who has sex with his cousin and kicks girls out for not giving his puppy head got into a fight with not one but TWO females during his performance. The girls kept on grabbing Gates while he was performing, causing him to shake them off. However, he then tried to go after the girls and get at them all crazy. His security pulled Gates back and the show went on. Later on into the show, he got into it with yet ANOTHER female and he was swinging his elbows into the crowd, trying to hit her. Although it is unclear if he ever actually hit anyone, but no cops were called so hopefully not. Check out the video footage obtained from the performance below.

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Not sure if it’s just me but…. dude is a HOTMESS.com. I’ve literally never seen anyone in my life with less of a chill than Kevin Gates. Every time dude is in the blogs it’s always for something WILD. He is CRAZY! (but very interesting if you watch his interviews.) Hey, guess you can’t be perfect.

Source: TMZ