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Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial in the killing of Odin Lloyd continued today.  Yesterday the prosecution wrapped up it’s two-day testimony from Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins.  Today they called Hernandez’s former friend Alexander Bradley to the stand.  If you’re unfamiliar with Bradley he is the man that Hernandez allegedly shot in the face.  Bradley revealed some hurtful information to Hernandez’s case including the multiple guns he saw him with.

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Information from Bradley’s testimony was delivered on Twitter by Sports Illustrated legal analyst and writer Michael McCann.

Below is my summary of the testimony, the actual tweets are in the gallery above.

– Bradley was ordered not to reveal that Hernandez shot him or the defense would call a mistrial.

– Bradley did reveal that he saw a box in Hernandez’s basement that contained money, marijuana and a gun.  Shayanna, Hernandez’s fiancee was seen on video removing a box from the basement after Lloyd was killed.  It’s noted that Bradley saw the box months before the shooting and that gun in the box was a semi-automatic pistol not a Glock which was used to kill Lloyd.

– Though the gun in the box was a semi-automatic pistol, Bradley testified that he did see a Glock in Hernandez’s possession when they were in a Florida hotel months before Lloyd’s murder.  A Glock was used to kill Lloyd

– Bradley said Hernandez was very paranoid and didn’t trust people; he feared being followed by cop helicopters and other types of police (not heard by jury).  Bradley also said Hernandez “didn’t want me to use iPhones around him because he learned in a team meeting” about surveillance of phones.

– Bradley also said Hernandez “smoked marijuana very often. He was a chain smoker.”  Hernandez would buy 1 to 4 ounces from Bradley every week but still passed NFL drug tests.

– Bradley says he thought Hernandez was his best friend.