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Both Stephen Curry and Chris Paul went viral last night but unfortunately for Paul he was on the losing end.  Curry hit Paul with a couple behind-the-back dribbles, dropping him to the ground and then sinking a jumper.  While Steph was on several Vines spread throughout Twitter, Paul breakdance move type drop became the source of several memes.

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With a little more than two minutes remaining before halftime and the Clippers leading 48-39, Curry attacked the paint and got to the baseline. Once there, Curry used a behind-the-back dribble from right-to-left and then another behind-the-back dribble left-to-right to shake Paul, who lost his balance and fell to the court. Curry then completed the highlight-reel play by sinking a mid-range jumper, as the Warriors bench fell all over itself in celebration.

“I snaked through the paint and [Paul] was trailing and I thought I could make a move back to the basket,” Curry said. “Somewhere with the creativity in between doing the double move … I saw him go down [and] I knew I had to shoot it and see what happens.”​

Curry finished with 27 points and four assists in the Warriors’ 110-106 win.  Paul finished with 27 points and 9 assists.

Stephen Curry Drops Chris Paul:

h/t Sports Illustrated