Foiled Terrorist Bomb Plot in NYC

Crank up the old color-coded “terror alert” meter or nah??? 2 Women Arrested in “Al-Qaeda Inspired” NYC Terror Plot after planning to detonate a bomb in the city that never sleeps. The women are reported to have been “radicalized” by extremists but the Feds say “the public was never in danger” because it was “all part of a lengthy undercover FBI operation” (SMH)…

Always unsettling to hear about undercover operations and especially when they come this close. ABC News and multiple sources are reporting on the 2 Women Arrested in “Al-Qaeda Inspired” NYC Terror Plot who were allegedly about to unload “improvised explosive devices” via propane gas tanks and other elements a la the Boston Marathon bombing. Court documents state the plans were “more aspirational than they were operational”–of course nobody wants to hear that should anything have actually gone wrong or anybody been hurt. The story however is deeper than the current arrest.

The 2 Women Arrested in “Al-Qaeda Inspired” NYC Terror Plot are Jamaica, Queens roommates Noelle Velentzas age 27 and Asia Siddiqui age 31 and have been arrested in connection with ISIS propaganda. In addition the Feds have months of evidence connecting them to individuals all over the world via Facebook and other mediums who have been cited by Homeland Security for plotting bomb strikes and other forms of terror to multiple states across America and its people. Undercover agents have been engaging with the women the entire time according to the reports.

Noelle Velentzas is reported to have told one undercover agent about their attempts to “learn the science” of bombs–buying books, watching videos and studying all the failed attempts in NYC and Oklahoma to name a few. She also said they’d prefer to be identified by the court documents as “citizens of the Islamic state” and noted:

“…She didn’t understand why people wanted to join ISIS overseas when there are ways of “pleasing Allah” here in the United States…She allegedly said she was looking “to make history,” and in late December she and the FBI agent discussed possible targets for a bombing. “We are living…the last war, the big war before the end of day starts, in English they call it Armageddon, we are actually living in that time, it’s not a joke, it starts in Syria,” she allegedly told the undercover agent.”

The 2 Women Arrested in “Al-Qaeda Inspired” NYC Terror Plot had already downloaded instructions for how to turn the gas tanks into bombs and were linked in with many terror propaganda media platforms online. Unlike the drawn out story of “Jihadi John,” a number of the people in their network of plans have been arrested in the past few weeks, including in Chicago and New Jersey. Thankfully no one has been hurt. Details still developing.

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