Kimberly “Lil Kim” Jones has moved onto a new relationship, baby and more, but her old beau is stuck in the same position he was ten years ago. Damien “World” Hardy is currently on trial for a load of criminal acts, but the biggest is, SIX (count them, six) murder orders. Two of the six – sheesh – murders include the 1998 assassination of a bouncer in a Brooklyn roller skating center and the 2003 killing of a former Mike Tyson bodyguard.

World now has to own up to his acts, as the trial is underway. Drop down bottom for more details.

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Opening statements were the usual finger-pointing as prosecutor Rena Paul made it clear that, “He [World] handed out death sentences with a simple line: ‘He has to go.’” In the Brooklyn Federal Courtroom, Rena adds, “World’s order was to kill on sight.”

The alleged gang leader’s defense attorney David Ruhnke shot back, claiming that the prosecution’s entire case rests on the shoulders of other criminals. Criminals “who laughed at society’s rules their whole lives,” he said.

I mean, six is a pretty big number, but then again, I would like to here more facts. I will be checking, so come back and #IFWT will keep you up-to-date.

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