Lil Wayne Finally On Instagram

Lil Wayne Says “F*ck Cash Money” At a Recent Show and it was caught on tape! Its only hypes the crowd up even more for the upcoming “Free Weezy” Album! Hop into the post for the video!

So it’s been said Months ago that Lil Wayne is Leaving Cash Money and it has only gotten more and more reckless since then. The Whole situation between Lil Wayne and Birdman seems to get bigger and bigger by the day.

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During a recent release party Lil Wayne went on this mini rant to the crowd where he promotes his upcoming album and flat out says “F*ck Cash Money”

It hasn’t been confirmed but it makes it seem that Lil Wayne is basically saying that Birdman and Cash Money will not release The Carter V.

Though, Cash Money is currently promoting their ‘Rich Gang’ Artists new song “Check” by Young Thug. This sounds all good and regular until you find out that Young Thug’s new project is called ‘Tha Carter 6’.


But hey it has been said before that Young Thug used to really idolize Lil Wayne, so you think he’s just paying homage at the wrong time or is this 100% disrespect?

Tell us how you feel! #IFWT

Anyway check out Lil Wayne saying “F*ck Cash Money” Live.

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