_Dog Survives After Being Hit By Car

A dog survived after being hit by a car and getting trapped in a car’s bumper on a 248 mile drive. Check out the amazing photos of the dog in the bumper and read more on the touching story after the jump!

A stray dog accidentally got caught in a car’s bumper for a 248-mile ride in central China. The poor dog got stuck in the fender after running out onto a Fenghuang County road and getting slammed by Loudi Zhang’s car. Zhang said he continued driving without even checking on the dog because he thought it had been killed or had ran away. But when he stopped he heard the dog barking after he already had driven a couple hundred miles.

Zhang saw the dog and he got back in his car and drove to a veterinarian’s office as the dog waited in the cage of the bumper. Thankfully the dog barely suffered a scratch. Zhang said it was “fate” and he has since adopted the dog.

Check out the amazing photos of the dog stuck in the bumper of the car in the gallery!

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