Shaq is getting off scott free from what some might call a frivolous lawsuit to begin with, but the judge in the court was not a fan of him regardless. In case you forgot, Jahmel Binion sued Shaq and Waka Flocka after they made fun of his face on Instagram. Binion has a disorder that causes facial deformities and limited hair growth. Shaq thought he squashed things when he called Binion to personally apologize, but he got dragged into court anyway.


Based on the docs, it’s clear the judge thinks Shaq was a jerk for doing this. He calls Shaq’s comments, “highly offensive.” The problem for Binion is he filed the suit in Michigan federal court and since Shaq has no residence or business dealings in Michigan he can’t be dragged to court there.

There is a silver lining for Binion. Waka never responded to the lawsuit — so, according to the docs … he might lose by default.

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