IFWT_KK VS. Jamie Foxx

Whoops, looks like funny man Jamie Foxx may have ruffled some feathers at the iHeart Music Awards on last week. According to reports, members of the Kardashian clan are definitely feeling some type of way about a dig Foxx made towards the Patriarch of the Jenner/ Kardashian household. In a recent interview the most vocal of the clan, Khloe K slams Jamie Foxx and calls his recent Bruce Jenner joke A “Low Blow”? Watch her candid response to the shade her dear old step dad is being subjected to after speculation on his highly talked about transition to womanhood.

After host Jamie Foxx’s controversial jokes about Bruce Jenner reported sex change, he is definitely on the reality TV family’s ish list. is When asked in an interview with “The Insider”, Khloe Kardashian keeps its candid by saying she thought the joke was in poor taste, and considered it a “low blow”. Being that Bruce Jenner has remained so mum on the situation, choosing to leave everything to speculation until he opens up to ABC’s Diane Sawyer on next month, I don’t know about you, but Khloe’s telling reaction to the comedian’s joke pretty much confirms it. Shrugs. I mean Foxx is a comedian….. which typically means nothing is off limits, right? So can KK really be mad at him for doing his job? Watch below.

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