IFWT_Chandler Jones Patriots

Many NBA teams have been giving rappers official positions or using them to build popularity with the team such as the Toronto Raptors (Drake), Washington Wizards (Wale) and the Atlanta Hawks (2 Chainz and T.I.).  Now it appears the NFL wants to get in on the action.

New England Patriots star Chandler Jones tells TMZ Sports he has a job offer for the Compton MC, Kendrick Lamar, as the team’s official world ambassador.

Kendrick has the whole internet talking about the Patriots (again) by wearing a throwback New England jacket in the his latest video “King Kunta”, which has 2 million views on Youtube.

Chandler says he’s been paying attention to the internet hubbub and wants Kendrick to be a global ambassador for the Patriots, spreading the love of Tom Brady to the whole world.

“It would be really cool. I’m a huge fan of his and a lot of people on my team are too.”

Jones thinks he can convince owner Robert Kraft to go for the idea.

“I’ve seen [Kraft] in a lot of photos with iconic rappers like Rick Ross and artists like Usher. I would say he’s a very hip hop owner, so I‘m just saying he wouldn’t mind some Kendrick.”

As for Kendrick, he’s an L.A. guy, and L.A. has no team, FOR NOW.  Many people believe there may be one or even two teams in LA by 2016.