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And the drama continues…You’re gonna learn today!!!

🙂 HAHAHA!!!! Here we go again … today Funk Flex was served with an order of protection — hit the jump to find out what happened!!

Things have been going down hill for a while — HAHAHAHA! Let’s give you a nice little recap:

Over the last 4 years since being divorced, Flex has had to deal his ex slashing tires, his cars getting keyed, things getting taken out of his home, going through his pockets every chance she gets, made him visit with his children at the YWCA, lied about domestic abuse to get a reality TV show … and the most unforgivable thing she’s done is NOT attending Flex’s mom’s funeral (she died of cancer) less than a year ago (she knew her mother-in-law for over 20 years!!!).  Not only did she skip the wake & funeral, but she didn’t even send flowers AND tried to convince the kids to NOT go to the funeral.


Let’s go back to how this started yesterday — Easter Sunday:

About 1pm Flex decided to surprise his kids with Easter baskets, take them to a kids Easter event (see video HERE) & discuss an upcoming vacation to take the kids to Atlantis in the Bahamas (just for the record Flex took his kids to the Daytona 500 & Universal Studios in Orlando last month AND had private screening passes for kids to see “Furious 7” (which they love & were so excited about), but baby mama decided they couldn’t attend). When he got there … his ex not only told him that he couldn’t see the kids and that they wouldn’t be coming to the house anymore — BUT at the SAME DAMN TIME she needs more money or she will move the kids out of state!  Why she’s saying that, we aren’t sure because in court documents she can’t move the kids 15 miles from current location.  She currently burns through about $20,000 a month in expenses — total of $240,000 a year.  When Flex began to question her, she became irate and cancelled all plans for Easter.

The next day (Monday), Funk got served with papers for an order of protection.  He got a call from the police (shout out to all the police officers, we love you) that they were on the way to serve him.  Flex’s ex wants Flex to see his kids at the YWCA instead of at his home where the kids have their things and toys. Flex is determined to see his kids & spend time with them, so we’re sure this will all get worked out.


In case you need a history lesson on this situation…see HERE.

Today just happened to the anniversary of their separation (see HERE) — it was a campaign for his ex to get a reality show (which ended up getting cancelled after three episodes).  There was false claims of domestic violence and Funk Flex was found NOT GUILTY (details HERE)

We would link you to her website, but it’s down.  Yikes.



CHECK OUT THE PICTURE GALLERY of Flex getting served, the dope Easter baskets, the actual Order of Protection, Flex and the Easter bunny alone since his kids weren’t allowed to join in on the fun & more.