Kanye Rapping With Moms

“It’s a tear-jerker…” He “never needed a Mother’s Day” to show his love and now the world can hold a cellphone and lighter to some epic footage. The interweb has dug up some fresh #classic clips of Kanye West Rapping “Hey Mama” With His Mama Donda, who’s been a huge inspiration to his entire career.

ICYMI the ‘Mary’ to Yeezus has been all over his imprint on the game from jump. His creative media company as well as philanthropic efforts (Hip Hop gives back!) has also done album covers for 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj. Now we get the most chilling footage of Kanye West Rapping “Hey Mama” With His Mama Donda since he premiered the song on Oprah years ago.

Kanye West Rapping “Hey Mama” With His Mama Donda is definitely one of many tributes to ‘mom Dukes’ since she passed in 2007. Though many have seen part of the clip before, Fader and Rolling Stone report on the relatively unseen that’s pulling at the heartstrings:

While that part has been floating around the Internet for years, it’s a heartwarming prelude to the newly unearthed segment, in which West performs “Hey Mama” alongside the woman who inspired it. Donda has the entire song committed to memory, and the short clip ends with West wrapping his arm around his mother as the pair grin and rhyme in unison, “It don’t gotta be Mother’s Day, or your birthday / For me to just call and say, ‘Hey Mama.'”

The Kanye West Rapping “Hey Mama” With His Mama Donda discovery is a fitting follow up to the impact of “Only One,” which Ye noted he wrote to Baby North from his mom’s perspective in addition to his name meaning ‘only one.’ Check the vid!


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