Good-Bye Bruce Jenner, hello Brenda! This guy [gal – hopefully he will be clarifying it ALL, soon] is really making moves with the new look. With news breaking earlier this week, we found out that the Olympic-medalist of the seventies would be revealing a lot of information in an upcoming interview with Diane Sawyer. Me personally, I was hoping that during this interview (s)he would be coming out in some of the most top-notch fashions, boobs on perk and nails did to the nines, but apparently not.

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Jenner is not appearing on the 20/20 segment piece to reveal the physical part of his man-to-woman transition, but he will be doing the mental work. The father to three girls and three boys will recap his life, beginning at age five as well discussing him never really feeling like a man and how this transition decision has effected his family’s life.

I can’t lie, I am there for that interview. How do you have all these kids, be a super sportsman, have a two plus decades long marriage and then decide to switch genders. I just wanted hear his “mental” speak for itself.

Jenner could definitely pass for a female with these pictures in the gallery.