Looks like Taraji P Henson has become the next victim of 50 Cent on social media. The oh so entertaining Queens rapper gets at the leading lady of his rival television show “Empire.” Hop into the post for all the details and photos ! #IFWT

The Producer of “Power” (50 Cent) was caught creeping on Taraji P Henson’s Instagram today, and though he received plenty of hate from the last time he said something about her, this time 50 Cent decided to throw a compliment her way.

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As appose to there previous IG encounter, 50 cent gave the Empire star (Taraji P Henson ) a pretty valid compliment.

50 Cent said

“I see your fine ass though”
“Look cookie it’s my turn now POWER season 2 BOOM,”

I mean you can’t blame 50 for the first comment at all , have you seen Taraji’s Instagram ? well we have the photo that he was commenting above along with his actual comments in the gallery !!

Although The Empire star has yet to respond to 50 Cent, but a couple fans found the comment humorous. We can only imagine who else he will come after the next time he scrolls down Instagram.

But I mean hey doesn’t he have the right to? What do you guys think ?

Do you like Empire more the Power ?

We all know Empire had its run but is it about to be Power Season ?
Let us know what you think ! #IFWT!