Feidin Santana, 23, is the young man who recorded now terminated police officer, Michael Slager shooting and killing Walter Scott. In an interview with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt and a separate interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer, Santana talks about fearing for his life since coming clean about releasing the video. “He Slager] had control of Scott. And Scott was trying just to get away from the Taser. But like I said, he never used the Taser against the cop,” Santana recalls. “As you can see in the video, the police officer just shot him in the back,” Santana said on Wednesday. “I knew right away, I had something on my hands.”

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Santana’s lawyer, Todd Rutherford also spoke with Lauer when he mentioned that his client fears for his life from the very police department that’s suppose to protect him. “The first thing he said to me this morning was, how can I get protection,” Rutherford said. “What does he do when the people that are supposed to protect us are the ones that are turned against us?”

“Now people know where I live. People know where I work, so my normal routine from just walking to my house to work have changed,” he said. “At some point, I thought about staying anonymous and not showing my face and not talking about it. But this [is] something that has to go beyond that.

Scott’s family has spoken out on their lose. “When I looked at that tape, that was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen,” said Scott’s mother Judy Scott. “I almost couldn’t look at it. To see my son running defenselessly being shot, it just tore my hear to pieces. And I Just pray that this doesn’t have to happen to another person. This has got to stop.” She also decided that she forgives the officer. Hmm, strength. Check out more from the family here.