Famous chef Bobby Flay may know how to season the hell out of a steak, but he just couldn’t seem to “prep” his marriage the right way. Flay and his wife Stephanie March, who stars on Law & Order: SVU, reportedly split about three weeks ago after the “Iron Chef” moved out of their NYC home. According to sources close to the couple, their marriage has been in a downwards spiral for about a year and a half ever since Bobby didn’t show up at the hospital after Stephanie’s appendix burst. He did, however, offer to send his assistant to comfort her at the hospital (SMH!!!) The couple has been married for over 10 years, tying the knot back in February of 2005. However, when their anniversary came this year, Flay was too busy with his assistants at a wine festival in Florida while his wife was by her lonesome. Luckily, the two have no kids together. Flay already had two previous divorces, but it will be the first for March.

I respect Flay’s hustle but there comes a point in time you have to pay your woman some attention! 10+ years of marriage is a lot to just throw down the drain. How depressing.

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Source: TMZ