Spike Lee for "Chiraq" Movie with Kanye and Common

We might not all agree with the name but new movie alert: Spike Lee Eyes Kanye and Common for New “Chiraq” Movie that’s reportedly under way. Some have always felt the name “Chiraq” is only promoting and embracing Chicago’s escalated rate of violence, that it’s played out or the stamp of an outsider. Some on the other hand think this might be a great look…and judging from Spike’s track record of profiling black life and culture–maybe the legendary director is just the man for the job. So who else is slated for the film and will local Chicagoans be up for audition???

There’s little details on the vision and contents of the project but Vlad TV and The Wrap report Spike Lee Eyes Kanye and Common for New “Chiraq” Movie. It may be too early to tell if it’s a good look, but the Spike Lee brand (Crooklyn, Malcolm X, Do The Right Thing, School Daze, He Got Game, Bamboozled) co-sign is strong and more eyes on Chicago seems like a step in the right direction:

“According to The Wrap, Amazon Studios has just locked down Lee for this next picture, and while plot details are being kept under the radar, word that Lee is looking to cast Kanye West, Common and Entourage’s Jeremy Piven (another Chicago native) in the film have spread like wildfire. None of the superstars have committed as of yet, but with the kind of weight Lee holds in the business, surely at least one will likely commit. Frequent Spike Lee collaborator Samuel L. Jackson is slated to make an appearance in the film as well.”

Spike Lee Eyes Kanye and Common for New “Chiraq” Movie and some say the likes of Lil Durk, Chance the Rapper and Chief Keef should be eyed too, if not more so. Some say Kanye and Common are probably being sought for funding the project…but along those lines what about the involvement of Dame Dash?

While Spike Lee Eyes Kanye and Common for New “Chiraq” Movie do you think they’re too far removed from the scene to be authentic or is it crucial that whoever can represent, does??? Common and Kanye have both kept in touch with the streets via music, the AAHH! Fest and other projects, but it’ll certainly be a step in the wrong direction if local talent and residents aren’t sought out too.

Check the gallery up top for more and some flicks on the culture around “Chiraq.”

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