Looks like this woman’s pimp hand is WILD types of strong. A Bronx-native who goes by the name Liana Barrientos has been arrested after falsifying her records for being married to eight different men at the SAME DAMN TIME! She altered her records for her wedding back in 2010 and has been hit with two different felonies for offering a false instrument for giving fake names on official documents.

She has been married a total of 10 times all together since 1999 to 8 different dudes. (I’m guessing she got married to the same dude more than once.) In 2002, five of those marriages went down in the SAME year (like b*tch, whetttttt?!) However, Barrientos messed up by never officially divorcing any of them which is very odd and makes us think something illegal was going on (which it kind of was already.)

To add to her extensive list of hubbies, Barrientos also has two baby daddies under her belt; one in which she was living with. After he got word of the news, he kicked her out of the house.

I can’t even have ONE boyfriend, how TF is she out here with 8 different husbands?! She must be marrying for money or something cauuuseeeeee like, naw.

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Source: NY Post