Darren Sharper got himself an incredible plea deal for such a low life rapist, pleading guilty to all the charges he was facing in multiple states in return for a 9 year sentence. He was facing more than 20 years on the different charges, which most people expected him to receive, but nope the justice system failed again. One good piece of news is whenever Sharper becomes a free man again, his penis will not be free.


After Sharper is released from prison, he will not be allowed to drink alcohol, visit bars or liquor stores or date online. He will also be subject to lie detector tests and penile plethysmograph tests in which a sensor is attached to his penis to gauge arousal while an array of sexual images flashes before his eyes.

He will also be tracked by GPS by California officials for up to five years after his release.

Crazy thing is considering the amount of women he raped and the way he went about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are numerous other women who were his victims as well who maybe never even realized they were drugged.

Thankfully he is off the streets, but not for long enough.