Hot97_Kool Herc

One of the founding fathers of Hip Hop, Kool Herc stopped by the Combat Jack Show this week to chop it up for a lengthy interview as well as Kool Herc discusses his top 5 MC’s in music. Interesting. The answers may surprise you. See who the icon ranks tops five in the game.

Kool Herc stopped by and dropped knowledge on Combat Jack show this week. At the end of the The Bronx native’s interview with the former entertainment attorney, the music man drops some names that may surprise you when talking about his top five. When asked the the Hip Hop OG names names such as, “Melle Mel, Krs-One., Lil Wayne, he’s very witty. Kanye West, he’s witty; more technical than Weezy. I listen, man. And Breezy, Chris Brown, I dance.”.

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