Looks like Yeezy doesn’t walk on water after all as some fans believe. When most of his comrades are turning up for weekend one of Coachella, Ye is currently in Armenia paying homage to his wife and baby North’s roots, while Kim and Khloe pay respects to their father’s homeland, looks like Kim’s hubby has made himself right at home.Kanye West jumps into Swan Lake while surprising fans with impromptu concert in Armenia. While its apparent there’s a small language barrier, this only goes to show Hip Hop is a universal language that people all over the world can identify with. So much so, that Yeezy had EVERYONE jumping into the lake by the end of his performance! Watch the craziness inside.

While in Armenia over the weekend traveling with his wife, daughter, and sister-in-law as they make their trek through their father’s homeland, Kanye was every bit the dutiful husband right by his wife’s side. Kanye even went as far as surprising Armenia with an impromptu six song concert in which the crowd went all the way nuts…..ESP after Kanye jumped in the famed Swan Lake which wasn’t a problem until most of the concert goers began to follow suit and jump in the lake as well.Which of course created utter pandemonium that authorities were forced to lock down. Watch sheer chaos break out below.

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