Mariah Carey is one of the most relevant legendary singers to date and she does not plan to lay low just yet! She recently revealed via her Twitter account that she’ll be releasing a new greatest hits CD called #1 to Infinity. It’s only right being that it has been a whole 17 years since she released her first #1 album comprised of her most famous tunes (don’t you feel old? I remember buying that CD.) She revamped the cover to her upcoming album with a remixed photo of herself posing in a seductive black dress, similar to the original black-and-white cover where she’s standing in a tight dress (but now as sexy as the one she’s wearing for the new cover art!)

She has yet to reveal an official release date, but it should be coming soon. Check out Mariah’s official tweet announcing her forthcoming greatest hits album along with the original album cover vs. the new one.

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