NFL: Denver Broncos at Houston Texans

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is a total freak of nature and incredible athlete and now he’s inked an endorsement deal with Reebok.  Of course he couldn’t make the announcement with a regular ole press release; instead he released a video of him completing a record-breaking box jump.

The league’s Defensive Player of the Year, has signed a deal with Reebok to make his on-field shoe, which will go unbranded during games, and to outfit him during his intense training and workout regime.

Reebok’s parent company, Adidas, has the right to put its logo on its endorsers on the field, but Reebok does not.

Reebok and JJ Watt released never-before-seen footage of him achieving a new 61” personal record in his signature box jump, an incredible achievement for a 6ft 5in, 290lb defensive end. Achieved while testing the latest Reebok ZPump Fusion shoe, Watt sent the video of this physics-defying leap to Reebok to signal that he was ready to joining forces with the global fitness brand.