…and the saga continues. Cle “Bone” Sloan suffered from two fractured ankles, two torn ligaments in his knees and a shoulder injury after Suge Knight performed a hit-and-run in his SUV, and yet, he still refuses to testify against the regular inmate. Bones references the Cam’ron philosophy of ‘no snitching’.

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During Suge Knight’s preliminary hearing Monday morning, Bone sat on the stand with tars in his eyes, and made it loud and clear that he would not detail any of the events the landed him in the hospital. He admits that he “doesn’t want to be used to send this man to prison.” He added, “I screwed up and Terry’s dead.”

While Bone survived, his friend and partner Terry Carter died due to his injuries in the incident … and that was all caught on tape. It’s pretty safe to say that even if Bone keeps his silence, Suge is going down for the murder portion of charges.