Word on the tweets is, it’s for more than just the Gram now! A grand opening of sorts for one of Hip Hop’s biggest internet personas taking his game to another level. Busy stocking his new account with hilarious if not mind blowing clips, you might want to be careful if you’re at work (LOL)… Get your pearl clutch ready and emojis on deck because Plies Got Vine and he’s playing no games!!!

But in all seriousness…you might not be ready.

If you’ve been a follower then you know what it is but if you haven’t been, let’s talk about this now that you’ve been “warned.” The difference between the news that Plies Got Vine and the excitement behind say, Lil Wayne making his first post to Instagram a few weeks back is the notorious* online legend of Plies. Way before he was viral in the spotlight for getting suplexed off his own stage he had a loyal trail on Twitter and IG, spawning the takeoff of #SweetPwussySatday and #DaLastRealNiggaLeft trademarks. Now he’s taken his signature voice, vocabulary and dare we say–vision to the six second land of Vine.

Pigeons and Planes also reports Plies Got Vine which is now 20 days old and doing well in its ‘test runs,’ the looping has been non-stop on all his vids as expected since the debut. “The account is already packed full of dating tips and daily words of wisdom,” with topics on everything from safe sex to Pokemon references, manhood, pleasing a woman in a variety of situations and of course his trademark “from da bike!” (LOL).

Looks like a great way to keep his voice out there, interacting with the public and keeping the attention off the negative, Plies Got Vine and you can keep up with it here.

Not for minors or the faint of heart…but check out a few clips below!

Emilia A. Ottoo: IG || Twit || Pin