Ewing Athletics brings back Patricks Ewings 1992 signature sneaker that he wore during the 1992 NBA season & 1992 All-Star game that took place in Orlando with that being said this sneaker takes the same concept as the Air Jordan 8 & the Nike Air Air Raid sneaker this sneaker has a strap on the front of the sneaker just like the Air Jordan 8 & Nike Air Raid maybe it was a coinsidence. Ewing Athletics will drop this Ewing Concept sneaker in two color ways in that orange & Royal Blue & white aka the Knicks color way & the second color way will be a Black & white color way. As far as a release date is concerned none has been confimred as soon as Ewing Athletics confirms a release date inflexwetrust.com will have it here for you. Peep The Gallery To Detailed Images Of Pattricks Ewings 1992 Signature Sneaker After The Jump….

Written By: Sayitwityakickz